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    Stylish and Elegant Cake & Cupcake Boxes

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Stylish and Elegant Cake & Cupcake Boxes

Custom Sleeve Doughnut Boxes

Classic White Boxes

Single Cupcake / Pastry Boxes

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Innovative Kraft Boxes

Check our selection of Kraft Cupcake  boxes made with sustainable material.  

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The boxes are lovely and stylish. Would highly recommend. *****


Classic range of white cupcake boxes below. Simply in plain elegant white!!. Scroll further down for our amazing selection of white cake boxes in  sizes from, 6 to 14 inches. Also why not  check out the doughnut custom boxes to give an edge to your doughnuts. 

Classic Range

Our classic range consists of simple but elegant white boxes. They are a perfect solution for most baked products and can be easily customised for example by ribbons, labels. stamping or tags. The sky is your limit!!



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